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End of year newsletter – 2022

Kirkpatrick Trustees with Kirkpatrick Scholarship students at Wakefield Bakery

Chairmans Brief – the year’s end has arrived with a hiss and a roar! Our KP scholars have shown that, despite all the distractions detailed below, they could still pull off worthy academic acheievements! Well done Jiyla! Well done Huriana! Well done Nelson College for Girls. Meantime – all the best for the festive season and wishing you all a prosperous 2023.

Chairman Jeff

The Christmas party

Ho Ho ho

Another year done oh what a lot of fun we had at our annual Christmas event

Celebrated in Renwick Blenheim on a cold and rainy night, a lovely feast was spread for the  spirit of Christmas, to be cheered as part of our duty to Sam Kirkpatrick. Our bellies fed and toes warmed, Santa didn’t show, however a cracker was cracked and a present received, we had a jolly good time.

Theatre Royal experience – 2 December 2022

Nelson Repertory Theatre presents Camelot The Panto, the story of the love between Princess Guinevere and the handsome Prince Arthur.

Willow Bank Historical Village – 4 December 2022

Wakefield Bakery for lunch the best place ever for good tucker.

5 minutes drive and we arrived

We finish the year on a happy note

Our Girls got Certificates of Merit
Well done both of you!!

Merry Christmas Everyone, safe and happy holiday season to you all