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Kirkpatrick Scholarship
for secondary school girls

Education & Boarding at Nelson College for Girls

Supporting families in hardship

The Kirkpatrick Scholarship funds secondary school girls from Year 9 through to Year 13 to attend Nelson College for Girls and board at CJ House. The scholarship is particularly for those who are enduring financial hardship either through the loss of a parent or other family crisis.

The Kirkpatrick Scholarship funds:

  • Full boarding costs at CJ House
  • School expenses
  • School uniforms
  • Educational aids
  • Travel from and to home each school term
  • Pocket money
  • Some extracurricular activities
Kirkpatrick House with Students

Samuel Kirkpatrick - benefactor

Kirkpatrick House Trust began in 1926 with a bequest from the late Samuel Kirkpatrick. At the time of his death in 1925, Kirkpatrick was Managing Director of the K Jam factory in Nelson and a prominent Freemason in the Nelson-Westland District.

The Kirkpatrick Estate provided funding for the education of daughters of families facing hardship and a home to accommodate them while at Nelson College for Girls.

In all, some 350+ young women have received the benefit of a Kirkpatrick Scholarship since 1926.

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Know someone who would benefit?

The Kirkpatrick Board of Governors is always interested to hear about potential candidates for this scholarship programme.