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How the scholarship works

We support Year 9-13 female students from anywhere in New Zealand
We support students facing hardship or misfortune
Recipients attend Nelson College for Girls in Nelson
Recipients board on campus at Nelson College for Girls

Application criteria

  • The Kirkpatrick Trust supports Year 9-13 female students from anywhere in New Zealand
  • The Board of Trustees will consider any student in a position of need due to death, illness or misfortune of either or both parents

Students who qualify and are accepted by the Board will:

  • Have their school and boarding fees paid by the Kirkpatrick Trust.
  • In most cases will receive: school expenses, uniform, books, devices, pocket money, travel from and to home each school term.
  • Pastoral support provided by both the school and the Trust Board

Nelson College for Girls

The Kirkpatrick Scholarship has had a significant history with Nelson College for Girls since 1926 when the scholarship was first created. In all, some 350+ young women have received the benefit of a Kirkpatrick Scholarship.

Nelson College for Girls is a girls-only state school in Nelson. The school focuses on ensuring the academic needs of all students are catered for so that they can “be the very best they can be”. They endeavour to ensure that students go into the world with confidence and a sense of pride at achieving to the best of their abilities. They also encourage students and staff to develop positive, supportive relationships between students and with teachers.

More information on Nelson College for Girls

Boarding at CJ House

Nelson College for Girls has a boarding establishment on campus – Clarice Johnstone House. CJ House welcomes up to 120 boarders from year 9-13. The boarding house staff have day-to-day responsibility for the girls outside of school hours.

CJ house offers:

  • Dormitory style accommodation, with 7 different sized dorms.
  • Common room with TV, netflix and internet access.
  • Two study areas, a dining room and an outdoor BBQ area
  • The school’s swimming pool and gym are used by boarders and supervised by staff.
  • Meals are served cafeteria style in the dining room.
  • The health, safety and wellbeing of students is paramount at CJ House. Students receive 24/7 onsite support from resident staff members and student leaders.

More information on CJ House

Support from the Kirkpatrick Trust:

The Trust Board oversees the general running of the organization. CJ House boarding staff have day-to-day responsibility for the girls outside of school hours. The Trust’s Education Officer monitors the academic progress of each Kirkpatrick student and arranges extra support if necessary. In addition, the Trust has a Pastoral Caregiver who supports the Kirkpatrick girls, who also liaises with their families/whanau and with CJ House staff.

Social Events

During the year there are two formal social events that the girls are expected to attend. These are Samuel Kirkpatrick’s birthday party (Term 2) and the Christmas party (Term 4). There are also occasional meet-ups at a local cafe and fun events like ten-pin-bowling, fishing and yachting. The girls are strongly encouraged to pursue the many cultural and sporting activities offered by the school and local clubs.

Girls in the cable car on outing with Kirkpatrick scholarship

Know someone who would benefit?

The Kirkpatrick Board of Governors is always interested to hear about potential candidates for this scholarship programme.