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Funding for education & board at Nelson College for Girls

  • The trustees are bound by the Kirkpatrick Trust Empowering Act 1998 which states that applicants must be facing hardship (eg. death, illness or misfortune of either of her parents) and be supported by a Lodge in their home area.
  • Local masonic support can be arranged if an applicant’s family is unfamiliar with Freemasonry.
  • The Trustees reserve the right to accept or reject any application at its discretion.
  • All information provided by applicants is completely confidential.

Apply online

Documents you will need

Some things you will need to fill out the form

  • Some proof of family income will be required. e.g: tax returns, payslips, bank statements
  • School reports
  • Name and phone number of an independent referee
  • A letter of recommendation from someone who supports you (such as your social worker, health professional, minister or teacher) will strengthen your application.
  • Details of any other bursaries, awards, student allowances, scholarship or financial assistance you have applied for

Our postal address

PO Box 708
Nelson, 7010

Student’s Code of Conduct and Key Information

The students sponsored by the Board of Governors of Kirkpatrick House are expected to:

  1. Maintain a high standard of behaviour at all times and abide by the rules of Nelson College for Girls.
  2. To observe at all times the Clarice Johnston House Code of Conduct, as set out in the NCG Boarder’s Handbook.
  3. To apply themselves to their schoolwork to the best of their ability.
  4. To maintain excellent attendance at classes.
  5. To make up any school time lost due to illness or absence whenever possible.
  6. The Board’s Education Trustee will maintain oversight on the educational achievement of each student and discuss progress with them as required.
  7. Should NCG offer a student remedial help with their education, it is expected that this offer will be accepted.
  8. Under the terms of Samuel Kirkpatrick’s Will, students are required to attend the Birthday and Christmas Parties that the Board hold each year. Students are also expected to attend coffee catch ups with the Board each term and other occasional adventure type events.
  9. The following applies in the event of unacceptable behaviour or attendance at class:
    • The student will receive a letter of withdrawal from Clarice Johnston House.
    • The sponsoring Lodge, parents/ caregivers will receive copies of these letters.
    • The sponsorship from the Kirkpatrick Trust will be withdrawn.
  10. This sponsorship will be reviewed annually.